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If you are trying to access an ImageResizer 4 license key purchased before April 2017, you'll need to create a new account with us as the legacy system ( was taken eventually offline. All purchases made after March 2017 use our new system and customer portal at you purchased an Elite license, follow the steps below and we'll e-mail you a new license key that includes unlimited domains & servers (you no longer need to manually add new domain names).
Having just 1 license key for all domains makes development and deployment much easier.

NOTE: We have vastly better secuirty and image optimization technology available in Imageflow and ImageResizer 5. We offer sliding-scale subscriptions based on your company size, and support for most platforms and programming languages. ImageResizer 4 has reached end-of-life and should not be used for new projects.For those still using .NET Framework 4, please upgrade to ImageResizer 5.
For those using .NET Framework 5+, Node, Go, Scala, Elixir, Docker, or any other language on Linux, Windows, or MacOS, please migrate to Imageflow. We are always available at [email protected] to help with migration questions.
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  1. First, find your original order number (like R12250129). Search your inbox for "[email protected]", "R4Elite", "R4Creative", or "R4Performance". The order number will be in the subject line. If you can't find it, email the name of the original purchaser and the company name and domain to [email protected]

  2. Second, determine whether you purchased an Elite license ("R4Elite ImageResizer v4 Elite License") or a domain-specific license. If the receipt says Creative or Performance Edition, you purchased a single-domain license.

  3. Our new billing provider requires a credit card be attached to every account, however, your card will not be charged. You will be invoiced $0/year.

  4. Go to the signup page and enter your old order number as the Discount Code. (Ex. R12250129). This will bring the total to $0.

  5. Once you click "Subscribe", the license key will be emailed to the account e-mail you entered.

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