Now that I've purchased ImageResizer, where can I get my license key/special download link?

ImageResizer version 4 will be available DRM-free for anyone purchasing an Elite license or support contract. To get DRM-free ImageResizer, simply follow the instructions on the last page of checkout. For Creative and Performance users, a key will be generated in checkout based on the domain name you've entered, and will be visible after checkout.

To access the post-checkout page in the future, you may either log in and click My Account -> [your order], or follow the link sent to you in our automatic post-purchase email.

Where can I download ImageResizer?

You can access our DRM-enabled Imageresizer right here. If you have purchased a license/support contract that allows you to use our DRM-free software, you can download it by following the instructions on the last page of checkout.

Which domain should I enter in checkout?

Enter the highest-level domain that you own. All subdomains are included for free. For example, if you are going to use ImageResizer on www.store.mycompany.com, you should enter "mycompany.com"

What about testing and staging?

If you have at least 1 license installed, all non-public domains can be used for free. These include hostnames without a period (like "localhost") and those like "test-server.local". Public test/staging domains should be underneath your main domain name, like "staging.dev.mycompany.com". Also, keep in mind that ImageResizer will still function without a license key installed; but a red dot will appear in the corner of each image you process. For testing/staging purposes, this watermarking might be acceptable.

I need to register mycompany.com, mycompany.co.uk, mycompany.fi, and mycompany.org. Do I need more than one license key?

Each of these counts as a separate domain, so you either need separate keys for each of these domains, or you need to use DRM-free ImageResizer, which comes with our Elite license or support contract packages.

Is the fee annual or one-time?

Our license fee is a one-time payment. Buy it once and you have that version for life. Our support contracts include permanent licenses as well, however, support benefits and free upgrades are limited to the contract duration.

Is there some kind of trial license for ImageResizer?

Yes! Simply download ImageResizer on the download page. Until something is put into production, there's no need to pay or do anything else. You can find out more about it here.

Can I buy plugins individually?

No. They're designed to work together. We only sell plugins in 3 groups, each a superset of the last: Performance, Creative, and Elite.

My company designs custom websites for other companies, and I want a license plan that allows me to make ImageResizer a part of the package to my clients. Which license should I use?

The Elite license is probably best for your situation. Your customers can get a free Client license with any bespoke software you develop for them.

I want to redistribute ImageResizer Essential Edition as part of another project. Do I need to pay anything?

No - the 19 plugins in the Essential edition are provided under the Freedom license, which permits redistribution similar to the MIT license. Check your diagnostics page to verify you're not using any paid plugins.

I want to redistribute ImageResizer Performance, Creative, or Elite Edition plugins as part of another product or project. What license do I need?

You will need to contact us to get an OEM license appropriate for your needs.

How can I get a feature covered in this lower-level license in my higher-level license?

Every higher level of licensing includes all of the features of all previous licenses. So, everything in the Performance license is included in the Creative, Elite, and Support Contracts.

I've previously purchased a Performance Edition license, but I would like to upgrade to a Creative License. Do I have to buy the new one entirely, or can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot modify an existing offline license key once it is issued, nor can we offer a discount on any new purchase of a higher or lower-level license.

I want to pay through bank transfer.

Step 1: Create a quote using our online system.

Step 2: Approve the quote and generate a purchase order or purchase authorization.

Step 3: Email both the quote and the purchase order to us and we will enter your order. We will respond with an invoice and bank transfer instructions.

Step 4: Execute payment.

Step 5: Your order will be marked as completed, a receipt will be issued, and your support contract (if applicable) will be provided.

Do you work with resellers?

Yes. Simply fill out separate addresses for the reseller (buyer) and the owner at checkout. We do not offer reseller discounts.

I got this quote just before you raised your prices. Is it still good?

In the event of a price hike, all quotes will be honored up to two weeks from the day they were generated. Simply send us a copy of your quote in an email explaining your situation.

Something went wrong with my order!

Never fear! Email us and we'll sort it out.